The Appeal For Giving Comes First

  Fundraisers talk about appeals all the time when raising money. It's the appeal, or ask for a gift! Is now the right time to ask? It certainly is if you've already prepared and educated people about your organization. If not...stay away from the ask! Instead, think about the future and how you raise the … Continue reading The Appeal For Giving Comes First

Timely Investments for Raising Money

Timely Investments: 7 to 12 months before fundraiser 6 to 1 month before fundraiser 1 month to the day of fundraiser History proves a professional fundraiser raises, on average, 41% more money for an organization, when a successful fundraising system is put into place. It means, if you raised $50,000 last year you're going to … Continue reading Timely Investments for Raising Money

Vehicles for Raising Money!

Individual giving, group giving, and organizational giving are three of the vehicles people use for donating money nowadays. This is important to know when you're establishing ways to share your information with people who may be potential donors. These methods become vehicles for your success when you let people know your organization is an option. … Continue reading Vehicles for Raising Money!