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Giving Tuesday is November 29

Giving Tuesday is an international fundraising day for nonprofits. SOAR assists nonprofits in Teller County with raising money through training and marketing experiences.

You can give one donation through SOAR and divide the donation among the nonprofits of your choosing. See the list below. SOAR has done this since May 2020 when COVID19 prompted an extra Giving Tuesday campaign. There are 24 nonprofits listed and your donation can be split among all when your donation is $480 or more.


  • Choose the amount of money you would like to donate
  • Choose the nonprofits from the list above that you would like your funds distributed to and also how much you would like to give per nonprofit ($20 is the minimum per nonprofit for distribution purposes)
  • Write a check to SOAR and mail to: SOAR P.O. Box 214 Woodland Park, CO 80866 or drop the check by Reserve Our Gallery at 400 West Midland (Suite 120) between the hours of noon and 4 p.m. You can also call 719-401-2301 to donate via credit card. Paying with a credit card can also be done when you visit Reserve Our Gallery. Credit card fees are deducted from your gift. For example, giving $20 is actually an $18 donation if the credit card fee is $2
  • Gift are accepted through December 2022
  • A receipt is provided for tax purposes