Fundraising Community

 Join "Team SOAR" where people: Increase fundraising Get feedback and new ideas Earn privileges related to marketing Develop lasting partnerships Learn a simple system to guarantee positive fundraising results See more... Gayle Gross is the Founder and CEO of SOAR. She's an experienced presenter for the Center of Non-profit Excellence in combination with the Association … Continue reading Fundraising Community

Raising Money & Building Networks!

"The more people you know, the more places you'll go." Sounds like a familiar quote, right? It's close but not quite the same as Dr. Seuss (if you're wondering). Building networks goes hand in hand with raising money and increasing market share. Take the text literally. The more people you know and share your message … Continue reading Raising Money & Building Networks!

Learning to Raise Money

How fast are you learning to use social media, hash tags, and your phone for everything?! It's a necessity when doing business these days. What if your job is raising money? How you use the tools improves your chances for being successful. Learning is education and systems are easy to learn when they are introduced … Continue reading Learning to Raise Money

The Best Time to Raise Money Is…

You've heard a watched pot never boils. Let's just say you're fundraising and pushing to fill the pot. You're watching, watching, watching and not seeing the huge increases you were hoping for. The best time to raise money is when you're not needing to raise money! Watching the pot and expecting it to grow at … Continue reading The Best Time to Raise Money Is…

What Two Things Improve Fundraising?

Volunteers and outreach. They were the same two things you were thinking of, right? Great minds think alike! Volunteers and outreach improve fundraising. You're nodding and saying, "Okay, but how is the volunteer who's helping us file papers in the office going to help us raise money?" First - he/she is filing and you're not. … Continue reading What Two Things Improve Fundraising?

Resolutions Raise Money

Do you believe resolutions help you raise money? We think of making resolutions for the new year and here we are - already IN 2018 for a week!! Literally, making a resolution is the act or process of resolving. We often think of ways to improve our lives at the end of a year for the … Continue reading Resolutions Raise Money

The Appeal For Giving Comes First

  Fundraisers talk about appeals all the time when raising money. It's the appeal, or ask for a gift! Is now the right time to ask? It certainly is if you've already prepared and educated people about your organization. If not...stay away from the ask! Instead, think about the future and how you raise the … Continue reading The Appeal For Giving Comes First

Timely Investments for Raising Money

Timely Investments: 7 to 12 months before fundraiser 6 to 1 month before fundraiser 1 month to the day of fundraiser History proves a professional fundraiser raises, on average, 41% more money for an organization, when a successful fundraising system is put into place. It means, if you raised $50,000 last year you're going to … Continue reading Timely Investments for Raising Money

Fundraising System where ONE box fits all!

Size and demographics of a community do not matter when it comes to the SOAR with Network Fundraising system for raising money. It works for businesses, just as well as it works for non-profits. Benefits to buying programs with SOAR The ROI (return on investment) cannot be matched! Where can be buy a fundraising system … Continue reading Fundraising System where ONE box fits all!

Tools for Increasing Dollars Raised

There are tools for increasing your success for raising money. You avoid the majority of pitfalls, which take up time and do not give you the results you desire, when you follow a simple plan. First and foremost - rule # 1 - get a fundraising plan set, approved, and implemented. It is key to … Continue reading Tools for Increasing Dollars Raised