Networking Events + Advocates = Raising More Money!

What is a networking event?

Two presentations plus a mix n’ mingle, which happen on one day!

Who are advocates?

People who agree to tell people about your business and invite them to your networking events.

How much more money can we raise?

This depends on how organized your presentations are, how well your advocates promote your networking events, and the methods you use to cultivate the relationships. This works for businesses as well as non-profits.

SOAR with Network Fundraising has an Internet self-study course called the SOAR Webinar Series. This teaches the basics for success with using this system. SOAR also has 1:1 coaching opportunities to help you follow the system, which guarantees you’re getting the best opportunity for success. In the past – organizations have increased 126% to 169% within six months of coaching. We are talking about raising more than $50,000 in these instances.


SOAR helps organizations build their networks for continuous success. It’s a sustainable system!

SUCCESS begins with our belief in others. Learn more! Chat with the founder of the system. Schedule a free strategy call!

Fundraising System where ONE box fits all!

Size and demographics of a community do not matter when it comes to the SOAR with Network Fundraising system for raising money. It works for businesses, just as well as it works for non-profits.

Benefits to buying programs with SOAR

  • The ROI (return on investment) cannot be matched! Where can be buy a fundraising system for as low as $129 ($65 until November 23, 2017) where education is provided, which has proven to increase fundraising 126% in four months? Click here to learn more!
  • Techniques are guaranteed to increase the results of programs for raising money! These may be programs you’re already doing, or they may be new programs you choose to do because of the education you receive.
  • It has helped every organization who’s ever gotten involved! There are no down sides to the program. EVERYONE says it was THE thing, which made the biggest difference for them. And, the difference was huge in most cases.
  • Everybody mentored by the founder of this fundraising system has, on average, increased dollars raised by 41%! These were measurable results and yours will be too!
  • People are successful at using the system in any community! This is a situation where one box fits all. The systems were built with knowledge of how markets react. It is geared to work in any community where people communicate.
  • The founder has faith, works with individuals to achieve success, and is motivated by helping others achieve their goals! She knows your success is her success. She likes to be top of the heap and wants you to be there too.

high five2000x1200ishGayle Gross is the founder of SOAR with Network Fundraising. Her personal mission is to share intellectual knowledge for raising money. Why? She says, “It can be so simple and when people are successful in reaching goals, like raising money, they are happier. This means they are usually kinder, which makes the world a better place to be. I want to be among people who are happy! It’s that simple and most people want to have more money. It’s something I’m good at doing. SOAR with Network Fundraising improves the ability for people to be successful at reaching their goal.” 

Tools for Increasing Dollars Raised

There are tools for increasing your success for raising money. You avoid the majority of pitfalls, which take up time and do not give you the results you desire, when you follow a simple plan.

First and foremost – rule # 1 – get a fundraising plan set, approved, and implemented. It is key to your future success! Think of a ship heading out without the captain setting a course first. The ship may/may not arrive at the proper destination. And, if it does arrive you have to wonder how the journey went. Were there detours? Was it the best use of time? A map for traveling the course takes away uncertainty when challenges appear. It keeps things simple because you have something to look back on.

The best way to develop your plan is to put a mastermind group together. The recommended members of your group are the people with vision for accomplishing the goal. There’s one person spearheading the steps involved and they put together an outline first. This page will get you started – click here!

You can chat with a SOAR representative, at no cost, to determine the best track for you when it comes to developing a plan, and raising the money you need to fulfill your mission. Schedule time through this link. You’ll notice the time slots are for 15 minutes. If more time is needed another call will be scheduled.

In the end, the group you put together drafts the plan and it is stamped with the approval of the leader for your organization. Step by step – in every way – we move forward to achieve success.

Learn Award Winning Methods for Fundraising!

SOAR’s Training Webinars are Self-Study Courses for Increasing Market Share to Exceed ALL Previous Fundraising Goals! The tools in these courses are helping non-profits raise more money than they’ve ever done before. Can you afford not to learn something new? What if you find out there are FREE introductory programs and you can get started without paying a penny?

There are FREE webinar sessions available for developing a non-profit’s volunteer program. You can also watch a free 7 minute video to learn the “secret of success” for the fundraising method, which has grown programs to exceed expectations. The webinars you pay for are never more than $129! There’s even one where you get four sessions teaching you the whole sustainable fundraising program and it’s still only $129, so obviously it is the best value! The sessions teach valuable lessons in less than 50 minutes and each session shares proven methods to achieve success. You leave each session with a package of information to leverage for growing the dollars you raise. Become educated on Self-study Courses by clicking this link.

Re: SOAR Discovery Session ($150) – “Gayle is the kind of person that takes YOUR personal project to heart and offers sound advice on how to achieve YOUR goals. She walks through the project with you, sharing ideas and insights that you may have missed not being able to see the forest for the trees. I was able to leave the session with a new perspective on how to launch my new product, price points, and selling options.” Tracie Bennitt, Instaneedle

1:1 coaching is $150 for a 50-minute session. Three goals for moving your program closer to reaching your financial dream number are determined and the timeline is set in place. You can schedule your session by clicking here!

How often have you heard someone say, “The program you’ve put together is remarkable?” What if I tell you this happens regularly when you develop your outreach programs through SOAR with Network Fundraising? It happens because you suddenly begin hitting all of your metrics AND you’re happier!! Your fundraising becomes easy and is based solely on the relationships you develop.

Are you ready to achieve what we call GUARANTEED SUCCESS? We can even talk before you commit to any of SOAR’s services. Schedule time for a chat now: CLICK HERE to see SOAR’s Calendar 

Fundraising Coach – Your Personal Advocate Speaks Up and Raises Money!

The coaching program embraces your organization’s current needs and future goals to ensure you have an effective program for raising money. Your organization partners with a SOAR coach for a year and the program digs deep into the challenges you face. A plan is prepared, which offers solutions to any current challenges. Your coach’s goal is to guide you toward fulfilling successful activities within the timeframe to reach your future goal.

First step: A SOAR Discovery Session, which is $150. This determines the level of coaching needed to reach the desired outcome. This is where a plan is hatched and three immediate goals are set for you to begin. Schedule a SOAR Discovery Session.

You may receive feedback during the SOAR Discovery Session that a year-long program is not necessary to achieve your desired results. Adjustments are made in pricing to give you the best program for your organization. This can range from $1250 to $5000 (see what’s included below).

NOT SURE if you want to commit right away? That’s fine. Feel free to set up a 15 minute exploratory call. This does not cost any money. Click here to check SOAR’s calendar. 

Screen shot 2017-10-01 at 12.46.50 PM

$5000 coaching program includes:

  • Monthly 50-minute call
  • Required templates for marketing and communication
  • Established fundraising plan determined in unison
  • Monthly goals determined by the plan
  • Fundraising professional available for answering questions as they arise (phone or email)
  • Experience of a professional who has been successful in the field of fundraising and is in tune with what other people are doing to raise money

Be part of a select group accepted at the $5000 level. Begin with a SOAR Discovery Session, which determines the level of coaching needed to reach your desired outcome.

Schedule a SOAR Discovery Session now for $150. 

Refresher of Fundraising Tips!

SOAR with Network Fundraising offers trainings to help people raise money. The proven methods have assisted others to increase fundraising by 126% within four months. When an organization chooses to join the year-long coaching program SOAR guarantees impressive results. Link to discover more about monthly coaching options!

The best tips for increasing market share:

1 – Share your message with others

2 – Offer opportunities for people to be involved in your program

3 – Accept the way people want to participate

4 – Respect, appreciate and thank people

5 – Bring people together for an activity related to the missionsharingthelove

6 – Find ways to help others by participating in their activities and volunteering as a representative of your organization

7 – Refrain from encouraging people to do something they’re not comfortable doing

8 – Call people and say thank you. We tend to resort to text, email, and sending letters. Take time to call people. Add it to your calendar so you won’t forget

9 – Speak to people about your mission. Schedule times to be in front of people. Civic organizations are a great start


10 – Set the goal and avoid detours.

Screen shot 2017-09-08 at 3.07.43 PMFundraising takes focus on the end result. The ideas, which come to mind…take them seriously! Can they work, or with a few tweaks, create the result you want? Vision is key to getting through the twists and turns without being distracted.




11 – Inspire Othersyoung group listening to business man

12 – Be agreeable. People like it when you accept the things they say. It gives them a good feeling. Focus on being agreeable first. It can save the day!

Maintaining focus and following these simple steps will make a huge difference in your fundraising results. When an organization chooses to join the year-long coaching program SOAR guarantees the results to be IMPRESSIVE! Join us today and benefit from the experience of successful fundraisers. Link to discover more about monthly coaching options!


Prospecting Your Mission

Prospecting is a word people use when they are raising money. Can you think of other professions, which use the word too? (sales professionals, miners, recruiters, etc etc.) The official definition of prospecting on says it’s an apparent probability of advancement, success, or profit. That’s a good image, don’t you think? A nice way to think about bringing people on board for the good of all concerned. 

Did you know there’s also a personality trait called prospecting? What!? Yes – there sure is. There’s an interesting article on the traits of prospecting vs. judging because they are in contrast to each other on the 16personalities website. Here’s the link if you’d like to read more – click here!

In summary – prospecting your mission is when you’re open to situations. Your organization is more flexible and relaxed when it comes to dealing with challenges. You are of the mindset, which looks at the future affects of something prior to making a commitment.

Prospecting your mission in relation to raising money allows you to ebb and flow through the process of achieving the goal. SOAR with Network Fundraising is a prospecting tool. There’s education on proven fundraising systems to help you. Each self-study course is $129 and the value add are the nuggets of knowledge you acquire.

Click here to learn more about self-study courses for fundraising!