Simple Steps for Building Networks to Raise Money

Collaborative Networking Events - THE way to spread your wings and SOAR! This is when you partner a business, nonprofit, sponsor and attendees. The business and the sponsor may be one in the same. Business - provides location Sponsor - pays for event amenities (food, etc) Non-profit - featured during presentation Attendees come to NETWORK … Continue reading Simple Steps for Building Networks to Raise Money

The 8th thing to do when asking for money!

1.) KNOW the person/organization you're asking. AND, know why they will say yes when you ask for a donation. Ideas for getting to know them: Invite them to attend activities you're hosting (when you're not asking for money or anything else in return) so you can talk and learn Take a genuine interest in the … Continue reading The 8th thing to do when asking for money!

Learning to Raise Money

How fast are you learning to use social media, hash tags, and your phone for everything?! It's a necessity when doing business these days. What if your job is raising money? How you use the tools improves your chances for being successful. Learning is education and systems are easy to learn when they are introduced … Continue reading Learning to Raise Money

The Best Time to Raise Money Is…

You've heard a watched pot never boils. Let's just say you're fundraising and pushing to fill the pot. You're watching, watching, watching and not seeing the huge increases you were hoping for. The best time to raise money is when you're not needing to raise money! Watching the pot and expecting it to grow at … Continue reading The Best Time to Raise Money Is…

When Fundraising Comes Easy

It's not for everyone - have you heard those words before? Here's a question for you - is it hard to raise money or do you find it easy? Be honest. It's Monday morning and maybe you're working today. You have appointments each day this week with different people you're cultivating. What's your biggest challenge … Continue reading When Fundraising Comes Easy

Resolutions Raise Money

Do you believe resolutions help you raise money?¬†We think of making resolutions for the new year and here we are - already IN 2018 for a week!! Literally, making a resolution is the act or process of resolving. We often think of ways to improve our lives at the end of a year for the … Continue reading Resolutions Raise Money

“NO DOUBT” – A Sign for Raising Money

A non-profit has many things to focus on and first and foremost it is the service they offer to help others. The mission is most-important - NO DOUBT! There's also no doubt when it comes to raising money. A non-profit generally has the majority of their funding acquired through grants and donations. There's NO DOUBT … Continue reading “NO DOUBT” – A Sign for Raising Money

The Essay on Life: “To You, I Raise a Cup of Cheer for Prosperity!”

"Through a life of laughter - I raise my cup of cheer." I ask - are you a better person now than you were twelve months ago because you rose above and learned through a challenging time? Napoleon Hill's essay on life is a good look at perspective on life. Through this link you can … Continue reading The Essay on Life: “To You, I Raise a Cup of Cheer for Prosperity!”

WHY Network Fundraising?

Why not? The sky is the limit. You are a fundraiser. Do you use your time effectively? Have you ever done the math? What is the fundraising goal for your organization? What do you earn per hour as an income? $35,000 per year = $17/hour How do you fund raise and how much time does … Continue reading WHY Network Fundraising?