Video published February 2018:

“Spending time with Gayle reviewing your project is like sitting down and sharing a cup of coffee with your best friend. Gayle is the kind of person that takes YOUR personal project to heart and offers sound advice on how to achieve YOUR goals. She walks through the project with you, sharing ideas and insights that you may have missed not being able to see the forest for the trees. I was able to leave the session with a new perspective on how to launch my new product, price points, and selling options. She was instrumental in helping me with identifying a firm value for my new product and making me feel at ease with that selling price. I highly recommend spending time with Gayle to allow her to help you “Soar” with your business as well!” Tracie Bennett, Owner, Sales and Marketing, Product Development – Instaneedle

Christina testimony

“Gayle was a pleasure to meet with to discuss the re-branding and expansion efforts of our business. She offered a wealth of knowledge and skills providing informed and progressive strategies . Along with a very encouraging attitude, Gayle took the initiative to ask thoughtful questions and present suggestions and recommendations in a variety of subjects affecting our business, as well as marketing in general.” Leslie Massey, Account Manager at American Dental Group

“I would have to agree Gayle Gross is great at raising money for nonprofits!” Brook Martin

“Wow. As a novice entering the world of nonprofit fundraising, I met with Gayle feeling very overwhelmed with the complexity of my task. Gayle listened and questioned to help me target the biggest obstacles to my success. Furthermore, Gayle explained the broader picture of fundraising in comparison to network fundraising. After an hour together, I realized that I am completely up to the task. I left with three targeted tasks that allowed me to delegate and simplify aspects of the job.” Tia La Mere, Monarch Classical School of the Arts Founding Team

“Gayle Gross is just one of those people that you always want on your team. She has a heart of gold and a mind to match. Gayle will analyze a problem or look at the potential of a situation and then do what it takes to make it a success. As a Fundraiser she has an unstoppable attitude and goes to bat for her organization and everyone in it.” Karen Schaefer, Real Estate Agent at ReMax Properties and Best-selling Author, Love Sells

“Gayle really knows how to make people feel very comfortable with her. Her knowledge of fundraising is quite extensive; she can go big to meet your goals or still be very helpful to the small business owner as well. She truly lives up to her business name, SOAR with Network Fundraising. I can not wait to tell all my friends about her special skill set.” Christina Freshman, Foot Reflexology

“She has proven to be a strong leader that is trustworthy and kind.” Paul Gamache, Financial Consultant

“I’m privileged to learn from her example and implement her innovative ideas in my own agency!” Sarah Runyon

“Gayle is also an excellent communicator. Her information is concise and helpful. I am happy to work with Gayle and would recommend her for any role that could drive incredible results for your organization.” Mary Hindle

“She understands our mission, and each task she accomplishes show this. Gayle enjoys working in a team atmosphere. Even when she has to work alone. Our people in service (clients) have benefited from Gayle’s success. She has a winning attitude, and works with integrity.” James Moore