fundraising credits: Earn them, buy them, spend them.

Add up your current credits:

We have a volunteer program (7+ volunteers)2
We host an annual volunteer appreciation event3
We have volunteer job descriptions and we distribute them5
We have a volunteer training program5
We have a system for tracking volunteer hours8
We have a social media presence (2+ networks)8
We schedule regular posts on social media (3+/week)10
We have regular events scheduled for fundraising 10
We have developed a fundraising plan10

SOAR to a higher level

Go places! You’ll never drop down or fall behind when raising money with SOAR. It’s always about creating an updraft or a way to lift people up. The lift is necessary to create forward progress. SOAR is a program guaranteed to get your fundraising off the ground. SEE Testimonials

Gayle Gross, CEO and Founder of SOAR
with Network Fundraising,
Marketing Professional, Business Developer,
Graphic and Fine Artist, Author, and Relationship Development Director

Gross is the Founder and CEO of SOAR. She is the developer and author of a proven system for growing market share and raising money. She guides people to achieve fundraising success based on the resources they have available.

“The true updraft to SOAR develops when a person gives back in meaningful ways to the people around them. Donors are known to give because it makes them feel good. This is an example of how they lift people up. The same is true for the leaders of fundraising programs. They can also give back to a donor and lift them up as well. The feeling people get when giving is universal. Lifting people up also creates a universal response. People sit taller, walk prouder, and say great things about the person or organization who made them feel this way. Fundraising becomes easier and a lot more fun when a person is not standing alone, but instead, lifts people up to be alongside them. It’s time to develop a true updraft, and SOAR!”

Gayle Gross began her work with nonprofits as an avid volunteer right out of college. Fundraising for her began in 1999 and since then, there has been 100% success!

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SOAR with Network Fundraising – the digital guide is included with most of SOAR’s programs. You can also purchase separately.

SOAR’s self-help guide is available for purchase (Amazon for $8.99). It has the steps for developing a successful networking event, which assists in raising awareness about an organization while building networks. It also provides details for a new fundraising event. This is the program developed to increase fundraising 126% in four months.