4 Ways to SOAR with Network Fundraising

1. SOAR’s Leader Program


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2. fundraising/Marketing plan

Get the next year Organized

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3. Nonprofit Cooperative

a cause campaign to make you the community connector

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4. fundraising/Marketing call

discuss your program

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Gayle Gross is the Founder and CEO of SOAR with Network Fundraising.Gayleat1MCups She’s an author, artist, and fundraising educator. Programs are all available online, and calls provide an easy access point to anyone who wants to learn about raising money, AKA increasing market share.  The Center for Non-profit Excellence, Association of Fundraising Professionals of Southern Colorado and Colorado Nonprofits provide the stage to implement her tools into their roundtable discussions. “Marketing Your Nonprofit,” “Developing a Volunteer Program – the V-formation,” and “Donor Inclusion” are common themes for breakout sessions during conferences. “Building Your Network to Increase Market Share and Raise Money” is when she takes the stage to talk about the relationship development program of SOAR, which includes Networking Events, Collaborative Networking Events, and Developing the V-formation (volunteer program) to increase market share and raise money. These programs help businesses and non-profits collectively by improving their market share up to 180%. Gayle helps her SOAR followers implement programs tailored to work in growing market share in their community. Each fundraising campaign is unique, just like every person is unique. Organizations continue to see their markets and services increase through the skills they learn, which they can then teach to their volunteers. Peer to peer fundraising and productive social impact campaigns within communities are specialties many organizations choose to explore through SOAR with Network Fundraising. She’s the nonprofit facilitator of the column “Teller Gives Back” in Teller County, Colorado, which features the way nonprofits give back to their community and establish enhanced relationships. She’s established a cooperative network of nonprofit organizations in the communities where she works. This helps to grow social impact for the organizations participating. The Nonprofit Cooperative develops in communities when there’s a progressive business, who wants to increase their potential for growth. A development professional, public relations person, Chamber of Commerce, or business strategist are often the people to spearhead the Nonprofit Cooperative. In the end, it’s about people working together to provide a better good for everyone around them.


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SOAR’s self-help guide is also available for purchase. It has the steps for developing a successful networking event, which assists in raising awareness about your organization. It also provides details for a new money making opportunity. This is the program developed to increase fundraising 126% in four months.   

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