Advanced training has arrived – SOAR with Network Fundraising

You’ve asked for the next level and now they’re ready! Collaborative Networking Events take you to new places in growing market share. People have achieved amazing results through collaborations and developing V formations.

Advanced Programs and what’s included in the webinar series:

  • Building Networks for Raising Money
  • Advocates for SOAR
  • V formation for SOAR
  • Networking Events for SOAR
  • Collaborative Networking Events for SOAR

This advanced series takes a deeper dive into the functional process of increasing market share and raising money through implementing NEW systems. There are five sessions ranging from 13 – 23 minutes each. Set up a time to talk if you have questions – click here!

PLUS – you receive:

  • The book – SOAR with Network Fundraising
  • Recording of the session so you can review anytime

Click this link to purchase  – Advanced Programs for $129

14046121_10204846371117808_4669610499791876103_n-1Gayle Gross is the founder of SOAR with Network Fundraising and facilitates the SOAR Webinar Series. She developed the role for increasing market share within a bank and carried that over into raising more money for non-profits. Now, she shares her learnings with you so you can also achieve success through the use of simple practical steps for strategic networking!

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Getting People on Your Side for Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday and many people are finding it easier to donate to their favorite charity through a click of a button.

Have you shared your button’s link on social media, in mailers, and on your website? Preparation makes all the difference when it comes to being successful during this campaign.

This was just reported through USA Today:

Most charitable states:

1. Utah

2. Maryland

3. Minnesota

4. Wyoming

5. Wisconsin

6. Washington

7. Virginia

8. South Dakota

9. Georgia

10. Oklahoma

Colorado is where SOAR with Network Fundraising is and we fall somewhere in the middle of the pack for most charitable states. You can certainly look up the results at: USA Today

Preparing to raise money takes a system. Systems keep us on track and all we have to do is follow them. They’re proven to succeed. SOAR with Network Fundraising is the system known to increase the dollars you raise by 126% within four months.

Watch “WHY it works” to learn more! 


The best parts of the SOAR System:

  1. Works in any community where people communicate
  2. Works for non-profit and for-profit businesses alike
  3. You gain a team member (SOAR professional) who has historically won at raising money

SOAR makes learning the system easy through self-study courses. The list of videos below are FREE webinar sessions. They are all under ten minutes long and give an overview of SOAR systems:

We’ve recently combined our self-study courses, which adds value to each grouping. We recommend people begin with Group I and the SOAR Webinar Series because this is where it all begins.


Group I 

  • SOAR Webinar Series
  • Migration – THE Fundraiser

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The SOAR Webinar Series is all about relationship management for fundraising, networking, improving your volunteer program, and learning the details for a new fundraiser – The Migration!

PLUS – you receive:

  • An opportunity to join the mastermind discussions each month. This is with other fundraising professionals around the country who are sharing ideas!
  • Downloadable book – SOAR with Network Fundraising
  • Recording of the session so you can review anytime
  • Templates and other information provided to guarantee success
  • Follow-up call with a SOAR coach to make sure everything you learned is clear and understandable! This is when you can ask questions in relation to fitting the program into your mission.
  • Details about doing a Migration! This is a fundraiser based on strategic networking. A migration is literally an event, which takes you from an area of low resources to an area of high resources. It’s unlike anything you’ve learned before!!

Click this link to purchase Group I for $129


Group of People Cheerful Team Study Group Diversity Concept

You commit to one day of training during the SOAR Webinar Series or up to four days by spreading the sessions out. You receive a recording of the sessions you attend. ALSO – everyone going through the series is invited to join a conference call on a quarterly basis with like-minded individuals – The Fundraising Mastermind.

Click this link to purchase Group I for $129

Motivating your team for fundraising success!

People like succeeding at personal goals, which is why setting up levels for people to reach is enticing…even when they’re volunteering their time with you. There’s an interest, which naturally happens, through curiosity and the desire to be the best. 

In multi-level marketing the image below would be considered a down line. One person invites multiple people to join them in accomplishing a goal.

Social Networks

Through fundraising at SOAR we talk about our downline as ADVOCATES who are members of a team. Once an Advocate comes on board the goal is for them to invite others to become advocates alongside them. This involves inspiring people through LEVELS of accomplishment. An Advocate becomes a Major Advocate, Progressive Advocate, Competent Advocate and at the highest level – a Distinguished Advocate when they accomplish goals.

Adding value for involvement

Begin by making a list of twenty marketing benefits your advocates will receive because they tell people about you. Narrow your list of twenty down to the most important and beneficial. The reason you list twenty to begin with is because a long list allows ideas to develop. It is a creative strategy for thinking outside of the box. You can do this brainstorming process with a group of people. SOAR recommends staff and volunteers working on it together.

Advocate levels include marketing opportunities. The list below is an example of the first two levels:

Advocate (telling people about your organization)

  • Printed nametag for events
  • Invitation to quarterly event
  • Mentioned on social media

Major Advocate (2 advocates in down-line)

  • Printed nametag for events
  • Invitation to quarterly event
  • Mentioned on social media
  • Opportunity to be involved with events as a greeter
  • Ribbon added to nametag (“Major”)

As you expand your program to the higher levels of advocates you continue to increase the amount of benefits a person receives.

Learn more about two new programs with SOAR, which are meant to help you stand out among other organizations in relation to how you give back. This 9-minute video helps to explain!

Your ability to give back in productive ways makes a huge difference in results when it comes to creating awareness about your program.

Networking Events + Advocates = Raising More Money!

What is a networking event?

Two presentations plus a mix n’ mingle, which happen on one day!

Who are advocates?

People who agree to tell people about your business and invite them to your networking events.

How much more money can we raise?

This depends on how organized your presentations are, how well your advocates promote your networking events, and the methods you use to cultivate the relationships. This works for businesses as well as non-profits.

SOAR with Network Fundraising has an Internet self-study course called the SOAR Webinar Series. This teaches the basics for success with using this system. SOAR also has 1:1 coaching opportunities to help you follow the system, which guarantees you’re getting the best opportunity for success. In the past – organizations have increased 126% to 169% within six months of coaching. We are talking about raising more than $50,000 in these instances.


SOAR helps organizations build their networks for continuous success. It’s a sustainable system!

SUCCESS begins with our belief in others. Learn more! Chat with the founder of the system. Schedule a free strategy call!

Fundraising System where ONE box fits all!

Size and demographics of a community do not matter when it comes to the SOAR with Network Fundraising system for raising money. It works for businesses, just as well as it works for non-profits.

Benefits to buying programs with SOAR

  • The ROI (return on investment) cannot be matched! Where can be buy a fundraising system for as low as $129 ($65 until November 23, 2017) where education is provided, which has proven to increase fundraising 126% in four months? Click here to learn more!
  • Techniques are guaranteed to increase the results of programs for raising money! These may be programs you’re already doing, or they may be new programs you choose to do because of the education you receive.
  • It has helped every organization who’s ever gotten involved! There are no down sides to the program. EVERYONE says it was THE thing, which made the biggest difference for them. And, the difference was huge in most cases.
  • Everybody mentored by the founder of this fundraising system has, on average, increased dollars raised by 41%! These were measurable results and yours will be too!
  • People are successful at using the system in any community! This is a situation where one box fits all. The systems were built with knowledge of how markets react. It is geared to work in any community where people communicate.
  • The founder has faith, works with individuals to achieve success, and is motivated by helping others achieve their goals! She knows your success is her success. She likes to be top of the heap and wants you to be there too.

high five2000x1200ishGayle Gross is the founder of SOAR with Network Fundraising. Her personal mission is to share intellectual knowledge for raising money. Why? She says, “It can be so simple and when people are successful in reaching goals, like raising money, they are happier. This means they are usually kinder, which makes the world a better place to be. I want to be among people who are happy! It’s that simple and most people want to have more money. It’s something I’m good at doing. SOAR with Network Fundraising improves the ability for people to be successful at reaching their goal.” 

GROWING Networks for Fundraising

Consider the three types of connections you have with others:

  1. Personal connections (friends, family, acquaintances)
  2. Business connections (work)
  3. Group connections (civic organizations, networking groups, church, volunteer opportunities)

The goal with network fundraising is to bring people you connect with closer to your fundraising mission. The way to do this is to encourage them to become volunteers. We call the people volunteering for your fundraising program ADVOCATES. Today, you’ll learn about a system, which makes an advocate program within an organization stellar! We’ll talk about creating an adequate motive, which is step one.

Before we dig in you may be wondering – who is an advocate and what do they do? The short answer is an advocate is anyone willing to tell others about your organization. In reality their role is much more important than being a messenger because their involvement assists in growing the dollars you raise. The more people who know about you – the more potential donors you have.

Sometimes, people have a hard time putting their fundraising into the same category of building a business. Think of them as one in the same for this article.

Think in terms of three steps for beginning and maintaining an advocate program:

  1. Develop an adequate motive for people to join you
  2. Add value to people for their involvement
  3. Be consistent

Let’s talk about Adequate Motive because it is first on the list! It is the most important thing to think about. Many times this is where fundraisers feel they cannot bend, or in this case give back, because it takes away from people “loving” their mission.

Your mission is certainly a motive for getting people involved. You are doing great things in the world. Never underestimate the work you do because it matters! An adequate motive is when people gain something in return. It’s when you give back. People like recognition and appreciation. SOAR’s system encourages advocates to move up the ladder toward becoming a DISTINGUISHED ADVOCATE. There are three levels along the way, which are outlined in the coming paragraphs. An advocate chooses to be involved because they like how you’re helping others, and they like the way they are also being treated (Examples of benefits you can offer to advocates are listed at the end of this article).

A distinguished advocate is a person who has thirty-five (35) people (potential advocates) within their down-line. You may be thinking there’s no way I can get that many people to be involved. The good news is you don’t have to. It happens within your network. Basically, you invite people to be involved and then they encourage others to join them. Before you know it, the down-line under you has grown, more and more people are getting involved, and you are now distinguished.

Let’s look at the advocate levels from the top down because people like to reach personal goals. These are key to developing a successful network:

  • Once there are two advocates under an advocate he/she becomes a major advocate
  • Once there are five advocates under an advocate he/she becomes a progressive advocate
  • Once there are fifteen advocates under an advocate he/she becomes a competent advocate
  • Once there are thirty-five advocates under an advocate he/she becomes a distinguished advocate

In multi-level marketing this is often called having a “down-line” and we can say the same here. The difference is that advocates are not getting paid actual money. In reality you are offering opportunities for the growth of their mission (benefits), which have the tendency to bring financial gain. They share the word for you and you do the same for them.

Once an Advocate comes on board the goal is to get them to invite others to become advocates. This involves inspiring them to become a Major Advocate, Progressive Advocate, Competent Advocate and the highest level – a Distinguished Advocate. This is accomplished by providing benefits for reaching specific levels and then offering recognition.

This article focused on creating an adequate motive for people to be involved with your mission and to invite people they know to also be involved. There are trainings related to growing your fundraising program. Some are free. You can learn more through this link. 

Advocate Benefits – Examples:

  1. Reaching a higher level of advocacy (SOAR has 4 levels outlined)
  2. Being mentioned on social media
  3. Able to distribute marketing materials within the office
  4. Added to a “vendor” list
  5. Article about them in the organization’s newsletter
  6. A wall within the office where their bios are shared
  7. Participation in events you host

The ways advocates can be involved with your mission – Examples:

  1. Invite others to activities or events you’re hosting
  2. Share your mission with groups you want to be involved with
  3. Be an active presenter for an event you’re hosting
  4. Speak on your organization’s behalf
  5. Help with tasks
  6. Assist in finding sponsors for activities
  7. Open doors with people or companies


Gayle Gross is the founder of SOAR with Network Fundraising. Her methods help people raise more money – up to 169% has been recorded!