Successful Fundraising IS Being a Good Leader

You may be wondering how you can tell if you're a good leader at fundraising. Well, let's look at what you're doing now to raise money. Do you have a process for raising money and if so, have you taught other people how to use the process? Are you currently meeting with a group of … Continue reading Successful Fundraising IS Being a Good Leader

Why people choose to SOAR & develop a fundraising community.

WHY SOAR? Increase fundraising. (i.e. 126% in four months and 371% within sixteen months) when you focus on growing your community. Three ways to SOAR: 1.) Facebook Group (free) – check in here 2.) Monthly newsletter (free) – join the list here  3.) SOAR membership provides value on fundraising services: Monthly trainings - Fundraising Migration … Continue reading Why people choose to SOAR & develop a fundraising community.

Building the BEST Fundraising Team

A fundraiser is extremely rewarding when you reach your goal. The bummer is that while you're creating the fundraiser it can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming if you're doing it alone. At SOAR we call the volunteers the V-formation. In order to run your fundraiser successfully and to manage your time properly, we recommend building … Continue reading Building the BEST Fundraising Team

Fundraising Community

 Join "Team SOAR" where people: Increase fundraising Get feedback and new ideas Earn privileges related to marketing Develop lasting partnerships Learn a simple system to guarantee positive fundraising results See more... Gayle Gross is the Founder and CEO of SOAR. She's an experienced presenter for the Center of Non-profit Excellence in combination with the Association … Continue reading Fundraising Community

Relationships with Grantors – Four Tips

We love this statement by Amy Clinton, "The overall success of a grant writer should ultimately be measured by whether or not the organization for which that person is writing grants is building relationships and program credibility with funders and achieving incremental increases in grant funding revenues." Recently, an organization in our community saw the deletion of … Continue reading Relationships with Grantors – Four Tips

Fundraising Goals – In the Bag!

Basically, "in the bag" means your fundraising is secured! You know it's true because you've already accomplished the goal. Whew - a sigh of relief. Last quarter of the it really in the bag or are you kidding yourself? As a nonprofit, it can be hard to focus on year-end goals when it's only … Continue reading Fundraising Goals – In the Bag!

Raising Money? A Result of Good Choices.

You have choices to make. You weigh the options while educating yourself. You make a choice. This is an ideal scenario but it's not always the way it goes. A corporation growing market share (AKA raising money) often limits their options to what they've always done and then expects different results. You've probably heard a … Continue reading Raising Money? A Result of Good Choices.